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Client Success Stories

Meet some of my wonderful clients who have benefitted massively from their coaching and healing time with me.


Great shifts and an offer worth £20k! 

"I worked with Liz on my money mindset and blocks, expecting to learn some useful tools and techniques. What I actually experienced was so much more than this, we did some deep-rooted work on the source of these mindset issues which was very powerful and had a huge impact that I feel will be long-lasting. Since working with Liz I am much calmer with my approach to money and have been able to let go of any negativity, which has resulted in great shifts in the amount of work flowing into my business (after our final session I received a work offer worth £20k!). As a business owner I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Liz, to ensure you are valuing yourself and attracting what you are worth. I am sure Liz will remain someone I call upon at regular intervals whenever I notice a need to become ‘unstuck’ and move forwards!"
Claire Burgess
Business Coach and Trainer. 

So empowering, thank you!

"Liz has a fantastic way of empowering me to understand and challenge my own barriers and beliefs. She's skilled at making seemingly complex things seem much more simple in a way that makes me want to action them with confidence! Her lovely calming manner also helps me to feel at ease when things feel overwhelming!"
Krushma Makwana
Executive Coach

Old habits and patterns be gone!

"Four months working with Liz and the transformation I can see already is amazing. I have a brand new business, Calmer Self, which I am very excited about and already have some very valuable strategies in place to deal with my old patterns and habits that have messed things up for me in the past. I'm learning so much from Liz herself and from the wonderfully generous and caring community that Liz has created. I've done things that I would never have even considered before and this is exactly what I needed.
Nadine Searle
Calmer Self, Reiki and Relaxation Specialist 


"My first conversation with Liz about my business was a game changer! The very next day I was sending email follow-ups from such a different space. I was able to be really ‘down in the fire’ with them vs frustrated with them. It's felt so amazing. I've been able to be honest and still think I managed to come from a place of "I see you and I hear you."  Thank you Liz, game changer!"
Amy Walker
The Dietista


“When Liz and I started working together I was in a pretty bad way. I'd had so many hopes, dreams and ideas but no success in either my web design or coaching business. Instead, I was running myself ragged trying to run two businesses around my kids, working into the early hours and neglecting myself, my closest relationships and not getting any clients. 

In a very short time, Liz was able to break through some significant money blocks that I never knew I had that were not only impacting my business but also my life. I have released so many of the negative emotions that were holding me back and I now find myself working significantly less (in bed by 10 most nights), having more quality time with my family and actually getting results! 

Liz is extremely intuitive and can see things that you can't so I really value the time we have together. I'd wasted a lot of money in the past on shorter and pre-recorded online courses with no live interaction with the coach. 

Although I was initially resistant to signing up to work with Liz for a whole year, it's now such a relief knowing I'm in for this length of time. Change can happen fast, but to maintain it and keep growing we need longer term commitment. It's such a liberating feeling to be able to relax and not have to constantly sift through the online jungle of free training and webinars on marketing and mindset. All of this was just adding to my feelings of overwhelm, but now I am free, focused, committed and so excited about my future and the growth of my business!
Michelle C

A new beginning!

“I have so much clarity on what I’m doing now! 

Before I felt really stuck, even as though I was unable to do this. Now, I just feel like I CAN do this and I CAN make it into what I want!”
Sharon Hutchinson
The Health Junkie

Working with Liz may literally change the course of your life…

"Beware, if you’re not 100% LOVING what you do – working with Liz may literally change the course of your life……………….

I was feeling rather overwhelmed with ideas, money and mindset blocks, however I gained clarity and awareness of my next steps. After day 1, I had the confidence to make the bold decision of taking a sabbatical to rest, recuperate and recover from recent family demands and events. This was too terrifying to do before now, but now I know I can afford to do this (I actually can't afford NOT to)! I know this time will give me the space I deserve to take and will enable me to develop an exciting business in the forthcoming months.
The surprise outcome was the confidence and mindset work. Any areas where Liz felt my confidence would undermine the success of the business, she pushed and I left the session feeling very motivated and confident that I could achieve my dream. All in all this session helped me enormously. I emerged from it with great clarity, commercial confidence and self belief that I could achieve my goals."
Vera Watres
Women's advocate & entrepreneur

Truly uplifting!

“It has been a truly uplifting event. Fantastic group of like-minded entrepreneurs who shared experiences and were truly supportive of one another. Liz used the time really well to work through challenges and provide really practical, useable advice. The two days have really created a sense of inspired action in me. Thanks for a fantastic 2 days Liz, 10/10!”
Josie Buck
The Mindful Cook

Thank you Liz!

“I was confused and lacked clarity about my Network Marketing Business and even wondered deep down if it was the right thing for me to carry on with. Until working with Liz, I didn’t dare to think about what if it wasn’t, I'd invested so much time and money into it!

My biggest takeaway was that it is OK to change my mind and pursue something I am more passionate about - thank you for making me come to this conclusion Liz!" 
Helen Excell
Bravely switching career now she's no longer terrified of the money invested in her previous one! 

Reality Check!

I’ve had a reality check as to what’s required to achieve my goals which was much needed. 

I now have tools to deal with my ‘mental blocks’ and understand the real issues involved in self sabotage. 
Winsom Gordon
Mediator setting up on her own.

I can't wait to get started!

“Since working with Liz, I have come on leaps and bounds both professionally and perhaps even more greatly in my personal life. 

Now I’ve got a detailed plan to move forward with. I can’t wait to get started!”
Nathalie Lewis
Stepping up into a true leader in her business and loving the multiple results gained! 

I haven't looked back since!

"My business was in free fall due to various life changes. My big a-ha moment was the Money Mindset session, but the event also helped me to evaluate, plan and approach my business as I re-start it since I relocated. A fab event which will have you super motivated and confident. I haven’t looked back since!"
Belinda Bronjewski
Health & Wellness Expert & Coach

I'm no longer stuck and it feels great! 

I knew I was feeling stuck and I knew Liz would help me work through what I was stuck in. 

Liz has a soft and gentle approach and the mindset pieces she has taken me through were invaluable.
Sarah Hall
Marketing Freelancer

I'm so glad I signed up!

"I had a VIP session with Liz on the value proposition of my start-up corporate training business. I hoped to get lots of practical tips, some business challenge, an action plan and some help keeping it simple. My expectations were firmly met, and more. From a practical point of view, I got lots of help with the tech aspects of the business and some other great contacts that can accelerate my launch day.

From a commercial point of view, Liz effectively interrogated the commercials and more than doubled what I would have expected possible and now I'm so excited! 

The surprise outcome was the confidence and mindset work. Any areas where Liz felt my confidence would undermine the success of the business, she pushed and I left the session feeling very motivated and confident that I could achieve my dream. All in all this session helped me enormously. I emerged from it with great clarity, commercial confidence and self belief that I could achieve my goals."
Tech Start Up

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Josie Buck, The Mindful Cook Event Testimonial


So much more than anything I've ever done before!

"I worked with Liz because I was broken from my divorce which was high conflict and I knew I had so much trauma on both the money AND relationship side. From the get go I knew Liz understood and it was truly the first time I felt genuinely heard without someone trying to escape because they felt awkward or give me useless advice with no empathy for what I've been through. 

This was so much more than anything I'd ever done before, and I realised the breakup had bought up some deeply buried trauma from my childhood that I would never have realised if Liz hadn't of made the link. I am no longer terrified of being on my own, have a plan for the future and know I haven't let my kids down which was my biggest fear and used to feel so real. I can't thank you enough Liz." 
Single Mum to two teenage children, now ready to get back to work in 2022.

Appreciate your help soooooo much!

"Feel really good about what we went through last night, I have been thinking about it but not in a bad way, I'm amazed. Thank you so much I can't wait for the effects of future sessions! I already feel a weight is lifted off my shoulders. I really appreciate your help. Thank you so much again for everything you have done, I do feel such a different person & I thoroughly appreciate that."
Newly separated and beginning divorce proceedings.

I'm so glad I met you!

"By chance on the evening I met Liz, I was feeling upset and stressed about some family related issues which were constantly on my mind and negatively affecting my outlook on the future. Liz offered to help me and I felt I had nothing to lose.

Through using the EFT I was soon able to tackle some of the major issues that were hanging over me and found they began to lose their emotional power, while the health problems are still there, they no longer dominate my thoughts or send me into a negative spiral and the other stuff feels so much more neutral now! I now live much more in the moment, feeling more confident that I can deal with any issues as and when they come up in the future.

Tapping has helped in other areas of my life too, for example with my fear of flying and weight loss, If I find myself getting stressed I take a few minutes out Tap until I feel calm again. If you are unsure if Tapping is going to be of help to you, my advice would be to give it a go, after all you don't really have anything to lose but you could have everything to gain.
Mum of two who overcame some very significant family challenges.


The Fog has lifted, I'm finally moving on! 

"Liz is a lovely lady and has helped me to understand and use 'tapping' to cope with my anxieties. We looked in depth at issues affecting my life and this has aided my recovery."
Cancer Survivor.

Complete Breakthrough!

"I didn't take Valium for flying so it was a complete breakthrough! I was a little nervous on take off but nowhere near as bad as before, did a little bit of tapping... Flight was very turbulent but I actually didn't get frightened & to top it off when we landed the boy 3 rows in front of me threw up & although I didn't look it didn't bother me like it would have done. 

The flight home I enjoyed once we had taken off I even looked out the window as we were landing & could see where I lived & it felt great. No Valium required any more! Thank you so much for all your help although thank you doesn't seem a good enough word or describe how you have helped change my life. I really do appreciate everything you done."
Life limiting extreme Emetophobia (phobia of being sick) and Flying Phobia.

Daisy is Daisy again!

"Just to let you know that Daisy has had a good first week back at school and when I asked her last night if she needed another session with you next week, she said that she felt she was fine at the moment.
UPDATE 5 MONTHS LATER: Daisy is on great form and never looked back after her session with you. Thank you so much!"
Mum of Daisy
6th Former at Boarding School, Anxiety & Emetophobia (a phobia of being sick).

From Skeptic to Believer!

"I must confess that I was initially sceptical as to the benefits of tapping. Little did I realise quite how relaxing and therapeutic tapping could be. Liz was excellent, leading the session with a calm assurance and putting me right at ease from the very outset. 

Will I tap again? Absolutely! Would I recommend to other men? Without doubt!"
A formally very stressed Lawyer! 

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