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Take a look at the questions below which I am frequently asked.
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Who are you?

Hi I'm Liz Hancock, the EFT Coach and I have two crazy dogs who occasionally feature on my zoom calls and two amazing kids who usually don't!  I'm happiest in the sunshine, ideally on a boat watching my kids in the water or walking the dogs with a friend, ideally with a glass of wine and lunch at the end! 

I am a single Mum who has struggled a fair bit through life and has had her fair share of trauma, through never believing I was good enough as a child (the 'naughty/difficult one') and was raised with the words, 'If she had been our first we never would have had anymore' echoing through my head constantly! 

Leaving home at 16 after being estranged from my parents for a while, at 18 I escaped my first abusive relationship to excel in my career in HR, training and development which I loved.  It gave me so much self worth that it was a gift at masking the painful wounds that I was carrying and fighting behind closed doors and sometimes more publically when alcohol got the better of me. 

I discovered EFT Tapping when I attended a birth trauma workshop and after the birth of my second child, got qualified in this amazing technique of EFT Tapping.  I slowly started to build my business and discovered I could use EFT Tapping for my own money blocks that were sabotaging my growth and my income.  What I didn't realise was that working on my money story would enable me to heal a lifetime of wounds from my childhood, my parents, the abusive relationship and almost everything else, including my battles with weight and body image. I devoured every training I could and became an expert detective in piecing together my clients experiences throughout their lives to identify where the issues were, then releasing them and healing them.  

After almost 13 years of marriage and trying EVERYTHING I possibly could to make the relationship work, I was eventually forced to admit that it was broken beyond repair.  9 months after separating and fighting for a fair deal in the divorce (where I leaned heavily on my money mindset training and tweaked it for divorced women to offer a new service), I met the man who I truly thought was the love of my life.  It turned out to be anything but when I discovered his abuse towards his ex before me and we ended badly as a result.  It was at this time that my ex husband decided to turn on me and unleash hell on me and my children.  From there, my deepest healing occurred, being forced to look at and leave no stone unturned, including my own mistakes that had contributed to the problems that had occured in my life. 
Whilst there are still ongoing external challenges I have to deal with, I can say with absolute conviction that I do truly love and accept myself now.  The self blame, low self esteem and lack of self worth and value have finally left and I know that I am exactly where I should be right now.  I am more healed and empowered, confident and courageous than I ever have been.  I'm not playing at this anymore, no longer worrying if I might be found out because the imposter syndrome has well and truly packed up and left.  I still have to pinch myself though to believe that my life is full of so many blessings! 

Because of my experiences and healing, I am on a mission to help others with their healing journey and I thank God every single day that I get to live and love this amazing life where I am following my soul's purpose and my true passion daily.  I call it my 'selfish why' because I love this 'work' so much, it doesn't even feel like work and it keeps me accountable to ensure I always keep growing and evolving and never fall into any kind of arrogant 'I'm done' kind of thinking (I'm a bit anti-guru)!  There's always more that I can make a difference to and more people I can reach and help.

I've not just got your back if I'm working with you, but I've got the back of everyone who has ever reached out to me to share their story, seek or offer support

I hope to be able to serve you and welcome you to the family soon!  

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping involves exactly what it says – by tapping on specific meridian points you get Emotional Freedom from your pains, issues, limiting belief, fears, phobias, traumas.

It is often described as ‘Acupuncture without the needles’ because we use similar points as an acupuncturist would, but of course we don’t use the needles! EFT is completely non-evasive, you can tap on yourself, so sessions are almost always done via Zoom and you can have your camera off if you’d prefer. My aim is to get you so comfortable with it that you’ll be happy to ‘tap’ on yourself so that the benefits of our sessions can be maintained.
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How are you different from other EFT Practitioners or coaches? Why do you call yourself an EFT Coach?

I call myself an EFT Coach because I am a specialist who is qualified in both. More than that though, I am very intuitive, a mind reader of sorts and I can often make the links between issues and events that others can’t. This is when my coaching comes into play, because I ask the right searching but gentle and safe questions to allow me and you the client to get the clarity required to really dig into an issue and sort it for good. Anyone who is qualified to practise EFT has the most amazing gift, but the work I do really does go a step further. For example, I might give you some ‘homework’ or simple actions to take between and after sessions. I use an array of skills and techniques to ensure you are investing not just in an EFT Tapping session but in your future self. I used to call myself a Mindset Coach, but what I do is SOOOOOOOO much more than just Mindset!
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What do the bespoke packages consist of? How much are they?

The bespoke packages are just that – bespoke, so the price can vary. Defined according to our discussion about your needs and wants, how urgent the transformation you desire is. I will make a recommendation as to what approach I think would be best for you usually with another option such as one of my group programmes if money or commitment is an issue. I am never pushy or ‘salesy,’ the decision is always yours. The best thing to do is book a call with me so we can discuss. Here's the link:

Can I do a ‘try before I buy’ session or a mini session?

You should certainly book a call to discuss your needs with me and how I believe I will (or in very rare cases how I won’t) be able to help you, in fact it’s essential. This session in itself can be quite transformational in the amount of clarity and hope it can give you, but it’s not a substitute for a proper session. You can book your discovery session here:
I run various group online and occasional in-person workshops and am happy to discuss this if you have a specific group of people. Some of these are free and open to anyone. You should be able to download one directly from the ‘Freebies’ page or complete the contact form with a little info and I can send you the one I think would best fit your needs.
I don’t do one-to-one mini sessions because I’m so passionate about creating true, long lasting transformation. Tapping is so powerful that it can create a huge shift and have a massive effect in just one session, but the danger is that the client may think they are ‘fixed’ before we’ve got deep enough into the real problems, usually the causes not just the presenting problems. I can easily help you feel better about something you’re struggling with, but if the core issue relates to something bigger, like a core belief or some kind of past trauma, simply tapping on the presenting issue isn’t going to cure it forever. That’s why I’m passionate about ensuring we blitz your problem so deeply that it won’t come back, and giving you the tools to know what to do if it does.
This analogy may help – I don’t want to just put a sticking plaster over a wound which feels right in the moment and patches up the injury. I want to ensure it is cleaned, stitched up and dressed safely and skilfully, with a care plan to ensure it continues to heal nicely. This ensures minimal scars if any, and those that do become part of you are ones you can wear with pride for your recovery, empowerment and transformation!
You may need more than one ‘treatment’ Just like going to the nurse to get your wound cleaned and re-dressed, you may need more than one ‘treatment.’ Some things take time and although EFT can replace YEARS of coaching, personal development, counselling, CBT or therapy, it’s not a one time quick fix if you’re working on the deep issues like I do.

What's the process if I think I want to work with you?

It’s important we have a discussion before we start working together so I can accurately assess your needs and make appropriate recommendations. Use this link to book your complimentary Discovery Call with me:

Where can I find your client testimonials?

You can find my client testimonials on our ‘Success Stories’ page.

What other modalities do you use? 

As well as EFT Tapping, Liz also uses the following modalities and techniques. She works very intuitively to decide when to use which technique alongside the journey she plans out for each client from their discovery call and intake forms. 
Energetic Conversation Therapy: 
Commonly known as ‘Chair Work’ Liz has developed this technique by adding different dimensions depending on the issues and desired results her clients have. 
Family Constellations:
Healing the Mother Line
Parental/Generational Line
Known and unknown Ancestral Lineage Healing
Past Life Constellations and Healing:
As above but for past lives which Liz helps you identify.
All of these different modalities are used in conjunction with each other and EFT Tapping, using Liz’s judgement as to the most effective modality.

Liz will only use a modality the client is completely up for using and feels completely comfortable with. Religious and cultural belief and boundaries are always respected and embraced.

I've got/think I've got ADHD.  Will this work for me? 

I am undiagnosed suspected ADHD myself and work with many clients who also are, both diagnosed and undiagnosed. I also work with clients with various other mental, emotional and physical diagnosis and the work I do benefits these people massively. Every client is different and unique anyway, so nothing phases me here. Book your call with me and we can check that I can help you and see we are a match. It's rare I say no to a potential client but I will always ensure I help them get the help they need if it's not with me. Book your call here:

Get in touch

To find out how we can help you, book a free 45 min discovery session by contacting me using the button below or filling in the form:
07970 971 742
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