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Heal Your Money Wounds

Money impacts your life in a HUGE way whether you like or want it to or not!

I am here to re-programme the voice in your head to create a new way the mind and body thinks and behaves around your money wounds and money stories.

Your Journey

* Clear all parts of the 'Toxic Money Wounds Cycle.'

* Heal the scars of previous financial issues you’ve had with yourself and/or a previous or current partner, family member, friend or colleague .

 * Clear your Toxic Money Wounds to remove the blocks stopping you from paying off debt, controlling your spending, managing your money, earning more and saving more.

Your Transformation!

By getting crystal clear on what your blocks are then by having a road map to work through and clear them, you'll reach a place of peace and acceptance, empowerment, strength and positive action to improve not just your money STORY but your ACTUAL money situation too! 
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Your Next Step

Book a call to discuss whether a bespoke one-to-one package and/or my 6 week 'Heal Your Money Wounds' Group Coaching Experience is the best option for you. 

If you work one-to-one with me the Group Coaching is included as a bonus. 
"I worked with Liz on my money mindset and blocks, expecting to learn some useful tools and techniques. What I actually experienced was so much more than this, we did some deep-rooted work on the source of these mindset issues which was very powerful and had a huge impact that I feel will be long-lasting.

Since working with Liz I am much calmer with my approach to money and have been able to let go of any negativity, which has resulted in great shifts in the amount of work flowing into my business (after our final session I received a work offer worth £20k!).

As a business owner I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Liz, to ensure you are valuing yourself and attracting what you are worth. I am sure Liz will remain someone I call upon at regular intervals whenever I notice a need to become ‘unstuck’ and move forwards!"

Claire Burgess, Business Coach and Trainer

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To find out how we can help you, book a free 45 min discovery session by contacting me using the button below or filling in the form:
07970 971 742

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