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Divorce (& separation) Recovery: Finding Your Way Back To You!

Divorce and separation are two of the most traumatic events we can go through in life and even the most straightforward, mutual of processes can leave us feeling exhausted, confused about our identity, who we are now and with a real need for a gentle, loving fresh start. 

Lawyers are a natural cost of divorce processes, but many people do not factor in the emotional support needed to help you through or after the journey. 

That's what I'm here for!
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Your Journey

I have been where have, maybe where you are right now? I get it, especially if your divorce has been high conflict or even abusive or if you've experienced post-separation abuse, which is sadly way more common than most realise.

Wherever you are on your journey, we will work together to release the current and past upset, trauma, betrayal and myriad of emotions, bridging the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. I meet you where you are and there is never any surprise or judgement over the circumstances involved.  
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Your Transformation!

I wouldn’t be where I am without EFT. In my experience of treating hundreds of clients, nothing works quite as effectively, quickly or easily than using EFT for recovery in this area. It really is possible to recover from everything that has happened, no matter how bad it has been.

We also work to build your resilience so you can better manage both on-going and future conflict and instil boundaries to ensure your on-going improved mental and physical health and wellbeing are maintained. 

Weather you are in or want a new relationship or would prefer to stay single for a while or forever, I'll pick you up off the floor, get you standing straight, strong and proud again.  You'll find your way back to you, or even step into the person you were always meant, but perhaps never allowed yourself to be. 
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Your next step

Book a call to discuss whether a bespoke one-to-one package and/or my 12 week 'Divorce Recovery' Group Coaching Experience is the best option for you. 

If you work one-to-one with me the Group Coaching is included as an incredible, value added bonus.
"I worked with Liz because I was broken from my divorce which was high conflict and I knew I had so much trauma on both the money AND relationship side. From the get go I knew Liz understood and it was truly the first time I felt genuinely heard without someone trying to escape because they felt awkward or give me useless advice with no empathy for what I've been through. 

This was so much more than anything I'd ever done before, and I realised the breakup had bought up some deeply buried trauma from my childhood that I would never have realised if Liz hadn't of made the link. I am no longer terrified of being on my own, have a plan for the future and know I haven't let my kids down which was my biggest fear and used to feel so real. I can't thank you enough Liz." 

Sami, single mum now ready to return to work

Get in touch

To find out how we can help you, book a free 45 min discovery session by contacting me using the button below or filling in the form:
07970 971 742
If working together isn't quite right for you now, why not head over to my 'Freebies' page where I have an assortment of free resources!

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