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Your FREE Heal Your Toxic Money Wounds Workshop

Understand and heal your Toxic Money Wounds so that you can reprogram your mind, remove limiting beliefs and learn the strategies to become financially abundant, even if you’ve had a terrible relationship with money in the past!

What you'll get

 In this 1hour replay of my ‘Toxic Money Wounds Workshop’ you will:
  • Learn how your 'Money Story' is playing out on a daily basis
  • Understand my 'Toxic Money Wounds Cycle' model, the differences around money programming, beliefs, trauma and wounds.
  • Discover what’s been blocking you from paying off debt, controlling your spending, managing your money, earning more and saving more
  • Finally learn how to heal the scars of previous financial issues you’ve had with yourself and/or a previous or current partner.
  • Utilize EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping - a unique and scientifically proven way of treating the core issue which changes behaviour quickly, even instantly.

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