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Heal Your Toxic Money Wounds Workshop

Reprogram your mind, remove limiting beliefs and learn the strategies to become financially abundant, even if you’ve had a terrible relationship with money in the past!

How I work

 In this 1hour workshop of my ‘Toxic Money Wounds Workshop’ you will:
  • Learn how your 'Money Story' is playing out on a daily basis
  • Understand my 'Toxic Money Wounds Cycle' model, the differences around money programming, beliefs, trauma and wounds.
  • Discover what’s been blocking you from paying off debt, controlling your spending, managing your money, earning more and saving more
  • Finally learn how to heal the scars of previous financial issues you’ve had with yourself and/or a previous or current partner.
  • Utilize EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka Tapping - a unique and scientifically proven way of treating the core issue which changes behaviour quickly, even instantly.

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